Reconstructive Plastic Surgery




The cost of treatment will depend on how many units are used and on which brand – generally speaking one needs more units of Dysport to achieve a treatment result, than one does forBotox. Prices for Botox are quoted below as a guide.
I charge for Botox at $17 (inclusive of GST).
Different faces will require different amounts of Botox to achieve the desired effect. This will depend on whether Botox has been used previously and how strong the facial musculature is. Men generally need more than women.

As a guide:

  • Vertical frown lines (on the forehead above the nose) usually $425 for women and $595 for men
  • Horizontal frown lines (across the forehead) usually $255 for women and $425 for men
  • Crows’ feet (wrinkles from screwing up the eyes) usually $340, but as much as $510
  • Bunny lines (from wrinkling the top of the nose) $85
  • Treatments around the mouth/ chin – up to $200 depending on what’s needed
  • Treatments for a stringy neck start from $340


Juvederm comes in four formulations (and with or without local anaesthetic – so where possible, Dr Greenbaum uses the formulation with anaesthetic):

  • Refine - for soft lines and minor corrections (treatments start from $350)
  • Ultra and Ultra Plus – for lips, facial lines and brow shaping (treatments start from $745)
  • Voluma – for adding volume to the deeper tissues around your cheeks, and chin (treatments start from $815)


For adding volume to deeper tissues of cheeks, tear troughs, nasolabial folds, temples and chin. Treatments often involve 2 vials.
$750 per vial (or $1200 for 2)

Guide prices for minor surgery under local anaesthetic

Initial consultation - $200; follow-up consultations $125

For suitable GP referrals, prices are available for “see & treat” packages which comprise: a consultation and surgery in one appointment; then removal of sutures and a wound check and a follow up appointment with Mr Greenbaum.

Lesion on face – from $850 - $2,200 (depending on size and complexity)

Lesion on trunk/ limbs – from $700 - $2,000 (depending on size and complexity)

Ganglion cysts of limbs - $1,520

TCA peels for Xanthelasma - $250 per session (usually removed in 1-3 sessions)

Reconstructive or aesthetic surgery under general anaesthetic

  • Package prices are composed of the surgeon’s fees, the anaesthetist’s fee and the hospital fee
  • These fees will vary according to the hospital facility used; the complexity of the surgery and the complexity of the anaesthetic needed.
  • A full estimate will be given before surgery but the anaesthetist and the hospital reserve the right to charge more if surgery takes longer than expected.
"The Art of Aesthetic Surgery"
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